Looking into Sandra Bland’s Eyes, This is What I am Told

The following was written by guest Author, Husayn Symonds. Follow him on twitter @_Symonds_

Her eyes. Stare. Normally this wouldn’t bother me. Hundreds of eyes look at me this way everyday, as I suspect they look at you the same way. These eyes are different. Dozens of times I’ve seen these same set of eyes and I know they don’t exist anymore. Because the police destroyed the light behind them.

ap_sandra_bland_jail_death_jc_150717_16x9_992Now, however, the claim is that these same set of eyes, Sandra Bland’s eyes, were dead when this photo was taken. It’s claimed the police killed her, arranged her body on the cold floor of her prison cell, and opened her dead eyes to make it appear everything was okay when that mugshot was taken. Numerous theories and rationales are tweeted every hour about the logistics of such an horrific possibility.

I don’t have to wade into the levels of meaning in this scenario for you to understand the disgusting lack of humanity it illuminates. Still, this is all at the level of conjecture because we don’t know #WhatHappenedToSandraBland. This entire mind numbing, soul crushing situation was created because the police gave their constituents zero confidence they are telling the truth. Edited dash camera video, perplexing crime scene photographs, changing police versions of Sandra Bland’s death, all lead to perpetuating an environment of distrust. “Perpetuating” because trust has a hardly ever been felt in black communities in relation to the police.

Which leads us back to her eyes. If they had life in that photo, they were searching for answers. Yet even if the hands of death had carried her sweet soul away, eerily, that resolve remained. Regardless of her time of death Sandra Bland is not with us because she dared to be just when the police refused.


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