Kendrick Lamar’s Shock Therapy

I’m sure we all heard about our boy Kendrick Lamar dropping one of the hottest verses of the year on Big Sean’s track, “Control.” I’m vibing with this track for so many reasons: the tasteful sample, the diverse approaches from all three emcees, as well as the buzz that was created over K. Dot’s words–in less than a wee–from the hip hop universe are all … Continue reading Kendrick Lamar’s Shock Therapy

Ashton Kutcher: “Build a Life, Don’t Live One, Build One”

At this years Teen Choice Awards, Ashton Kutcher decided to get real with teenagers, and in a way that most of Hollywood as been avoiding for sometime now. In just four minutes, he preaches of humility, integrity, and the power of an imagination to an audience of youthful admirers hanging on to his every word. What resonated with me the most, however, wasn’t Kutcher’s first … Continue reading Ashton Kutcher: “Build a Life, Don’t Live One, Build One”

After Trayvon (Part2): An Honest Gun Debate

It was in December of 2012 when the nation wept as Adam Lanza–within the span of five minutes–was able to kill twenty-six people with 152 bullets in a Newtown, CT elementary school. Through heated debates, the nation felt an obligation to avenge the deaths of innocent children with an open discourse on gun control laws and discussing the dangerous outcomes that come from allowing people … Continue reading After Trayvon (Part2): An Honest Gun Debate