Justice According To “The Chappelle Show”

“Look, we talkin’ about a justice system that has five-hundred people whose cases were overturned by DNA evidence. I’ve seen a tape where five cops beat up a nigga, and that they said they had a reasonable doubt, and I got my reasonable doubts, too, aight?!?! How come they never found Biggie and Tupacs’ murderer but they arrest OJ the next day? Nicole Simpson can’t rap! I want Justice! This whole court is out-of-order!”

dave chappelleThe quality of this video may be poor, but the content is rich and just as prevalent now as when it came out 10 years ago. I remember when I first saw this skit from “The Chappelle Show”. At the time, I agreed 100% with what this video is saying–that we expect justice from a system that doesn’t act in just ways. Now, after the Zimmerman verdict, this video takes on a whole new meaning to me.

We can get mad at the jury, and we can get mad at a whole fraction of this country that stands behind Zimmerman, but then we wouldn’t get anywhere or accomplish anything productive. What makes the case of Zimmerman so tragic was that the defense worked within the law. It wasn’t as clean-cut as Emmett Till–when it was clear the law had been ignored and rules had been openly broken. The law was on Zimmerman’s side. The defense didn’t break the rules, they just knew what the rules were. And in Florida, the rules state that Zimmerman had every right to follow and kill Trayvon Martin under the guise of “stand your ground.”

I’m starting to realize the reality was we were putting too much of our trust–and looking for morality–in a system that built its very foundation on injustice and immoral practices.

The truth: if the laws that govern us were truly just, maybe we wouldn’t need lawyers and high-profile Hollywood cases to manipulate them, because right and wrong would be clearly defined.


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